The Communications Network Annual Conference

ComNet — The Communications Network annual conference. 


We know you have a lot of choices at ComNet this year. Between 20 Breakout Sessions, 15 Dialogues, and 3 Second Stages — how can you pick where to go? We’re here to help with that. Try following one of our conference Tracks! We have 3 tracks this year:

  • Journalism and Media Today, which will focus on various ways philanthropy interacts with the media, skills for producing your own media, and how to be a reliable source of information about the issues.

  • Storytelling and Narratives, which will focus on the importance of telling meaningful stories and the power of how you frame your narratives.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, which will ask us to take a closer look at our own biases, reflect on how that shapes the work we, and take a step towards creating more equitable environments.