The Communications Network Annual Conference

ComNet — The Communications Network annual conference. 

Shine in the Media Spotlight

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Pre-Conference Workshops-3.png

Shine in the Media Spotlight

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When your executive director gets a chance to do media, they should shine. This workshop tells you how to get them ready for the spotlight.

Landing a media interview is not something to be afraid of — it’s a golden opportunity. We’ll share the preparation process that will help you be ready to jump on that opportunity when it arises.

Former broadcast journalists who now do media prep for some of the most sought-after interviews on TV help participants better understand what news reporters expect, what they are looking for in an interview, and how to sell your brand and spread your mission.

Learn how to prepare and practice, what questions to anticipate, and how to avoid common pitfalls — all while projecting confidence.

Participants will workshop their “elevator pitches” — crafting a succinct way to describe your organization for maximum impact. You’ll walk away with several checklists that you can use each time a media opportunity comes your way.

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