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ComNet — The Communications Network annual conference. 

Capturing the Public Debate

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Pre-Conference Workshops.png

Capturing the Public Debate

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Today’s public debate is fast and furious. Thought leaders and experts could have an impact – but most don't know how to get their voices heard.

4Context’s opinion-writing book-camp equips them with the tools needed to cut through the white noise and make a difference.

Combined with a boost from strong social, your opinion pieces can also serve as launching pads for radio and TV interviews. But a well-placed but poorly written opinion article does more damage to a writer -- and to her or his institution -- than a poorly positioned but strong piece. My boot-camp helps you re-boot your op-ed writing efforts.

The 4Context boot-camp lays out key components of the art of opinion writing. You’ll get to get a taste of:

  • How to develop a strong argument that engages readers.

  • Why “billboarding” and “prism building” make all the difference

  • Why 50 cent words are worth far more than $10 words

  • How important is “important”?

I have worked at the highest level at leading publications, new media and old -- from Politico Opinion Editor to The Los Angeles Times Sunday Opinion Editor to Executive Editor of Opinion to NBC News THINK, where I am now a consulting editor.


If you heard the 4Context presentation in Miami, this year’s program offers far more detail on the art of pitching. I’ve spent years on the receiving end of thousands of email queries. Now I’ll give you a look inside editors’ offices and explain how acceptance decisions get made.

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